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Brad Meyer, Paydici Corporation

Meyer Brad1 Brad Meyer, Paydici CorporationBrad Meyer is an accomplished sales and product management professional with experience ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune-500s. Brad is a valuable resource to anyone selling to C-level executives, small business owners or high net-worth investors. He currently serves as the VP of Sales for the Paydici Corporation and is a founding partner at Westland Investors.

Brad’s advice is predicated on a clear understanding of what a growing business needs and how a sales organization functions to meet those needs at different stages. Brad is a must-have advisor for setting up a scalable sales force, implementing back-office systems to support sales efforts or just driving revenue through focused execution of thoughtful sales strategies and battle proven tactics.

Brad has niche expertise selling solutions around enterprise software systems, banking technology, Business Process Outsourcing, automating accounts receivable, payment processing, factory automation, printed circuit board manufacturing and online media sales.

Brad is also a 27-year veteran of the real estate industry and a founding partner at Westland Investors; a group of real estate professionals, who structure, sell and manage local commercial and multifamily tenant-in-common investments.

Brad’s most recent project was turning around an 84-employee property management firm with $7M in revenues. He oversaw the daily operations of the firm’s $220M portfolio while developing strategic sales plans for the firm and each of thirty-one managed investments. Brad reorganized sales staff aligning expenses with revenue projections, increased sales by growing existing profit centers and deployed software systems that enforced industry best-practices for the firm’s most common activities.

Outside the office Brad enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. They live near Grant Park in Northeast Portland where most of Brad’s free time is spent going to swim lessons and coaching little league. He also plays soccer and hosts a monthly men’s book discussion.

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